On the streets of Tulum, Mexico XIII

This is the last one from my bike tour around Tulum. These guys are selling tepache de piña, a fermented pineapple drink. Unfortunately I did not get to try it yet.

1803 Tulum Tricycle by Mel

Otherwise you can find a lot of really cool street art around Tulum.

And then there was this place who probably got rid of the guy who did the spelling… No, the name of the place is not Restaun. I checked.

1803 Restaurant Tulum


4 thoughts on “On the streets of Tulum, Mexico XIII

    1. In a way yes. Was solo in Tulum which was quite nice as I enjoy being on my own every once in a while and it also forces you to get to know new people. 🙂 I am now between CDMX and Malinalco where I have friends in both places that I am staying with. Somehow when I travel I mostly go to places where I have friends, so I can combine visiting them and I get more than just the tourist experience. 🙂

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      1. That’s a great arrangement you have going! So immersive, and you made sure you have solo time too. 😉 I’ve really been enjoying your series so far and it’s great to see you uploading more often.

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        1. Thank you! Great to hear 🙂 I really enjoy drawing daily now. Not doing much otherwise beside sunbathing and eating. Also I thought it will be my own personal “photo” album, once I have filled the book. I never look at the photos I take so with this I might look at it more often 🙂

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