At the beach in Tulum, Mexico

This was my bike during the 2 weeks I stayed there. I usually parked it next to these palm trees while at the beach. It was rather rusty because of all the salt and sand but it served me well.

1803 Tulum bike


8 thoughts on “At the beach in Tulum, Mexico

    1. Thanks! I was thinking to put some of them on an online art shop maybe next month. I was thinking about it for a while. Now just have to make time for it. I’ll keep you posted 😉


      1. streetdogssite

        looking forward to that, Melanie,if it’s possible to share some of your work on streetdogs. blog , would you have an objection to us doing so?


    1. Thank you so much! At first I just wanted to practice this urban sketching thing but know I feel it has become more of my personal photo album. When I was in Mexico 3 years ago I took more than a 1000 pictures in 3 months, and I haven´t looked at them since. After that I pretty much stopped taking photos. So this is so much more memorable and if someone else enjoys them too then even better 🙂

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