On the streets of Malinalco, Mexico

These guys napping in the shadow during the afternoon heat. There are plenty of street dogs around here but most of them look well fed and they are very friendly towards people and vice versa.

They didn´t even blink once when I passed and watched them.

1804 Malinalco Siesta by MelFranz

10 thoughts on “On the streets of Malinalco, Mexico

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, they are so relaxed here, they pretty much sleep in the middle of the market square where people are running around and they don´t budge because they know they wont be bothered. So that is nice to see.

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    1. Possible 😀 I like the roof dogs too. They usually make me laugh. Your photo captured them quite well. I was never fast enough with my camera to get a good shot of them though.

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    1. Definitiv alle die ich in Malinalco gesehen habe. Die Leute und Hunde gingen sehr höflich miteinander um auch am Marktplatz. Keiner würde sie stören auch wenn sie mitten im Weg schlafen.


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