Pool time in Malinalco

At the edge of the center of Malinalco is a small park. During the week it is full of dogs, hanging around in the shade. At weekends it is full of families who have picnics and with kids that enjoy the small pool.

Do you wanna take a dip?

1805 Malinaco pool

5 thoughts on “Pool time in Malinalco

    1. Thank you so much. I realized that after I started this, I began to look at things differently and to notice odd details and scenes that I normally wouldn´t have. I´m happy you like them 🙂

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      1. Ward Clever

        That’s what I mean! When we simply take a photo, we just try to pack everything in. But when you paint or draw a scene, you are paying attention to things most don’t notice or see, and bringing them to light. That’s why your work is so interesting! i like it!

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  1. Your paintings take me back to Mexico in a delightful way.. The colours are strong and friendly, people too. We lobbed in at ‘ZEEWAT’ that’s what us cruisers called Zihuatenejo, and so up the coast, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, and then the 3000 nm jump to Hiva Oa. But Mexico, I lived it! Loved it! Thank you.🌞

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