Colourful street walk on market day

This is one of my favourite streets in Malinalco just off the market square. I like it because of the vivid colours of course. I thought that the orange rakes in front of the small tool shop gave the street that extra splash of colour that day.

1805 Malinalco orange rake_Melanie Franz

Only noticed now that I messed up the scaling. The gate on the left looks like the entrance of a hobbit house, don´t you think?

10 thoughts on “Colourful street walk on market day

      1. Yes, but in exchange you get to live on one of the most geologically and culturally fascinating islands on the planet.

        Building colors are rather monotone here in the Great Lakes region of the US too. But in exchange we get four distinct seasons, plentiful fresh water, and a relative scarcity of natural disasters.


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