Portrait Practice

I felt like practicing my portrait drawing skills. Most of the time I am honestly too lazy but last night I was in the right mood.

I feel like I hardly ever manage to get the drawing look like the actual person though. I used a friends photo for this but it does not quite look like him. I think I will draw it again and see if I can improve it.

I also noticed that I used the same shading technique as when doing ink drawings. It´s been a while since I only drew in pencil and I felt pretty rusty.

181117 Mohsen _Melanie Franz

181117 Mohsen_Melanie Franz

7 thoughts on “Portrait Practice

  1. Wes Wroten

    for some strange reason that makes me think shes about to turn into a monster and eat my head. love it love it love it. to see what i mean, ill show you screen caps of the game that makes me think of it just mmessage me

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