Inktober Leftover – Thunder

This was the first draft for the thunder prompt. She´s braving the thunder storm in style.

181105 Thunder_Melanie Franz _ Inktober

4 thoughts on “Inktober Leftover – Thunder

  1. brockbuildersteel

    I have never been one to slap pie tins over my head out in the yard during electrical or rain storms. I read and studied many ‘encounter cases of People whom have been struck by Zag / bolt lightning and by ‘Ball Lightning’. Some people have been struck multiple times by Lightning and survived. But it is of all the accounts of those eerie ‘plasma balls’ those freak me the hell out. There have been some very bizarre cases. So as a drawing’ this women seated upon the park bench gives me anxiety just upon looking at it. Well dome Mel, you have the talents of great artist. I remember the stated amount of the Creator of ‘The Far Side’. The Artist was bringing in a 6 figure annual income for his drawn one piece comics. I see great talents in writers, painters and drawers of art. You are there Mel, I just am not sure you relies this or not. Encore.

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