Inktober Leftover

I originally started drawing this one for the last prompt of Inktober titled slice.

But as the woman has finished eating almost all the cheese, I thought that the drawing did not fit the prompt that well any longer. Therefore, what you get are the leftovers.

181031 Cheese slice_Melanie Franz_ Inktober

10 thoughts on “Inktober Leftover

  1. brockbuildersteel

    Mel, if I may say here, upon my enjoyment and observations of your shared blog, you have great creative talent and a delightful unique style of which many new artist can develop if they would keep applying their desire to create. I create art but not of one dimensional design or drawings. I find most things in our daily lives can be an art, such as dining experiences, as I read reviews, I see people are greatly missing the care of self application in their lives. We become what we put forth and how we move in and through this world of which we share together. Thank you for sharing of your’ wonderful style, your thought provoking images conveyed, there are many wonderful Artist I admire of this works, you’re an artist indeed, and admired, Mel.

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