The Dolphin & Other Toys

Malinalco has quite a few toy shops in my opinion. Especially the inflatable water animals in front of this shop always made me smile. I unfortunately did not go to any of the small pools that they have around there.

190110 the dolphin in malinalco_Melanie Franz

6 thoughts on “The Dolphin & Other Toys

  1. I still love those inflatables; I usually got a small ball when I was a kid, and my daughters liked the Hello Kitty and Dalmatians they got when we were visiting a few years ago. Lovely post!

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    1. My sister and I had an orca when we were little. I remember it was too big for us to climb up and I would get really frustrated after a while because I just wanted to sit on it 😀 Nowadays I would love to have one of those floating unicorns!

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