The Roof Dogs of Mexico

Can you spot the roof dog? You never know when they pop out. I saw a couple of them in Malinalco. But there were even more of them in Mexico City.

They always caught me by surprise. This was a friendly one though. No barking, just quietly watching. I just noticed him becasue he was moving when I passed by.

190113 roof dog in malinalco_Melanie Franz

16 thoughts on “The Roof Dogs of Mexico

    1. Thanks 🙂 No, not really Chihuahuas. A lot bigger but with the same kind of pointy bat-like ears 🙂 I really liked them. Not sure if it is a breed or just the mix of the area.


  1. Glad to hear that Mexico City has roof dogs! Did see and hear them in “Roma”. We’re on our way to Mexico City in a bit over a week and then on to Guanajuato which we have many found memories of roof dogs. The sounds of barking, the church bells, the shotgun blasts to wake the faithful on Sunday morning, and all-day radio music. What a soundtrack 😁

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