#OneWeek100People2019 – Day 4

Finished colouring in Day 4 of last weeks 100 people challenge. It was sunny that day for a change, therefore the lack of umbrellas. I used mainly Pinterest images for reference as I prefer being comfortable on the couch while sketching.

I will be heading to Crete for the next week. So the rest will have to wait until I am back in Athens.

Happy Easter holiday everyone!

190412 OneWeek100people_Melanie Franz

11 thoughts on “#OneWeek100People2019 – Day 4

    1. Thanks a lot! Hope you had a good Easter too. With all the visitors and food I had the last couple of weeks I neglected all the comments. Greetings from a beautiful summerish Athens 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much. Sorry, late in catching up with comments. Yes please. Sent me something. I saw you posted your retake of the Red Lord 🙂 I suppose there is more to come? It is actually a nice idea to revisit old drawings. Maybe I should do that too.

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    1. Ah thanks ❤ 🙂 Sorry, very late with catching up with all the comments. Time flies when you are having fun in the sun it seems. I think I got a bit fast with sketching because of the challenge. I can definitelly do more with a bit more practice. Cheers from Athens!


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