#OneWeek100People2019 – Day 5

Back from Crete! It was the best holiday ever! The food, the Raki and the mountains were incredible. I will draw some of it next week I think!

I also managed to colour in day 5 of the One Week 100 People challenge from the beginning of April. No more rainy days here. Has been beautiful sunny the last couple of days. I’m loving it!

190413 OneWeek100people_Melanie Franz

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4 thoughts on “#OneWeek100People2019 – Day 5

    1. It is absolutely beautiful. Stunning island, amazing food and interesting people. Greece in general has been absolutely magical. Time flies when you are having fun I guess. Cheers from Athens!

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    1. Thank you! Great idea 🙂 Already put it into action 😉 Crete and Mexico were both completely different and cannot be compared I think. They both share the top spot though. The food and landscape were incredible in Crete. Snowcovered mountains, gorges and sandy beaches. It is the perfect place for hiking and over eating. All the Greeks we met were super friendly. I think it was also the advantage of off season were everything was more quiet. I definitely want to go back there for some longer hikes.

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