Still on #OneWeek100People2019

Second last of my people doodle pages from the One Week 100 People challenge. Now fully coloured. Had a short break from drawing as I was entertaining visitors the last weeks in and around Athens.

Big thank you to Gabriela for the inspiration to put in speech bubbles. Put the idea straight to action in this doodle. Also check out her brillant blog Artschaft about art gems and  her exploration of paintings.

190504 OneWeek100people_Melanie Franz


6 thoughts on “Still on #OneWeek100People2019

    1. Ah yes! I’ll be here until mid June, but I also have a feeling I will be back. If not come to Iceland. I will be back there in July 😉 You can face the dangerous wildlife over there. Horses will nibble on you and you might trip over a sheep 😀

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