Yes, they work!

I went to check because they looked so old and run down. Athens has plenty of phone booths and as far as I can tell, most of them work. Never seen anyone use them though. These 4 are in the centre, close to the National Museum near Syntagma Square.

I really need to work on my perspective though. When I am lazy it just is all over the place because my main focus is to put colour on paper instead of drawing the outlines.

190520 Phone booths National History museum Athens_Melanie Franz

9 thoughts on “Yes, they work!

  1. It’s nice looking. You work colours nicely. Perspective? It’s a discipline. 🙂 How do you say “point de fuite” in English? The phone booths might a bit “off”, but it’s al right. You are a great painter, my friend.


    1. Ah the vanishing point! I watched several great tutorials about it after I drew those messy phone booths 😀 I have been trying to apply it in some other drawings. Will definitely keep working on it. Sometimes my problem is though that I am just lacking patience…. 😛 And thank you very much for your encouragement! I really appreciate it ❤

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