Chasing Pigeons

This little girl had fun going through a crowed of pigeons over and over again, causing havoc. She certainly seemed to enjoy herself.

I sat on a bench just opposite of it, enjoying the March sun in Athens. I thought it was quite warm already, but all the locals were pretty much still out in proper winter gear.

190504 Patia Agiou Square kypseli Athens_Melanie Franz

10 thoughts on “Chasing Pigeons

    1. Thank you so much. Yes it was a beautiful afternoon. I spent quite a lot of time on that small square in spring, just to enjoy the sun while watching people. It watercolour and ink pen.


    1. Thank you. No I take photos. Or rather snapshots with my phone if I see something interesting or inspiring. That´s actually the main reason I take photos. Otherwise I couldnt be bothered. Sometimes I feel my memory is way too bad to be able to draw from it 😀

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      1. Tsts indeed. France is practically under national alert, because of this week-s heat wave. “Stay in the shade”. “Drink a lot of water”. “Spray yourself at night…” Silly compatriots. 🙂


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