Shopping in Athens

Ermou Street is the main shopping street in the centre of Athens. I went there only a couple of times as I did not really enjoy the street nor the shopping there. Always thought it was too exhausting.

Too crowded with too many people, tourists and locals, and mainly the same high street shops as anywhere else. But you can also spot the occasional street dog without a care in the world for it all.

1905 Ermou shopping street Athens_Melanie Franz


6 thoughts on “Shopping in Athens

  1. I recently read an article about the blowback of ‘over-tourism’ that plagues all the tourist hotspots. Locals are going crazy with the crowds and drain on resources. I’m glad I traveled when I was young, doesn’t sound like fun nowadays.

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    1. No it is not, that´s why I avoid any kind of tourist hot spots. Mass tourism has huge negative impacts on local communities and I would say that the negatives outweight the positive by far . Experienced the effects first hand just here in Reykjavik. In the last 6 years all kind of city culture and identity has been dismantled and all that is left are hotels, over-priced hotel bars and restaurants and you can count the Icelanders on one hand like lost sheep when you go to the city center.


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