Breaking a Sweat

First time attempt at a self-portrait. It shows my attempt at a selfie at the gym after getting my first smart phone upon arrival in Athens. Yes, I am one of those old fashioned people. Was at least…

My selfie game is definitely weak (How is yours?) and pretty much non existent as I feel stupid taking them. Enjoyed the work out though.

My time in Greece is slowly coming to an end, and I am not sure how I feel about it. But first another weekend on another Greek island for me, starting tomorrow. The city is way too hot already at 36 degrees Celsius! Have a great weekend everyone!

1905 Yava gym_Breaing a sweat_Melanie Franz

7 thoughts on “Breaking a Sweat

  1. I don’t really take selfies either, because I feel vain and stupid when I try. Why would I take a picture of myself when there are always more interesting things nearby?

    Also, I truly feel like my life was better before I had a smart phone; I could actually focus on the task at hand without being constantly interrupted by emails and notifications, and without being tempted to be online 24/7. Of course, it’s always possible to turn off most notifications on your phone.

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    1. Ah yes. Life before smartphone. That is nice. Now that I have one my friends still keep giving out to me because sometimes I just have it in my bag all day and don´t look at it and then I get to hear: “I wrote you hours ago, why did you not reply??!” Sorry, was busy looking out of the window 😀 lol

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