Have you build a snowman?

We are currently having that terrible winter weather that I hate. It snows one day, only to be followed by heavy rain the day after…. So no chance to enjoy the snow or build a snowman. Therefore an ink version has to do for now.

Have you build a snowman this winter?

200102-snowman-and-fox_Melanie Franz

14 thoughts on “Have you build a snowman?

    1. Ha! I dont know that one 🙂 Luckily I suppose. I hate having a song stuck in my head. In German we call them Ohrwurm, which literally translates to ear worm. I always picture it like something is slowly eating away my sanity … 😀

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    1. I know! Yesterday I was fooled by that damn black ice for the second time this winter. Road looked clean but when I tried to break (I was biking) I flew right off 😛 All good though. I think I have learned my lesson.

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