Catch me if you can

Art supply shops are like candy shops. You go in to buy the one thing you want and walk out with a bag of goodies instead. I treated myself to a fountain pen and new nibs for drawing. Plus a ton of different papers and pencils.

First fountain pen trial.

6 thoughts on “Catch me if you can

    1. A simple Faber Castell fountain pen with black ink for refill. I told my bfs artist aunt about it and she was like, oh fountain pen! I have one that I haven’t used in years. Used to write love letters with it but those times have past. You can have it if you want… So she gave me her Mont Blanc fountain pen as a gift. 😊🥰 I just looked up the price of those out of curiosity 😅🙈 I’m excited to use it but already afraid to lose it!

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      1. -N-

        Simple pens are good. My favorite fountain pen for drawing with ink is a very finely tipped Japanese pen. Do a post on your pens! That Mont Blanc could be fantabulous – great nibs, esp. with the older ones. I have one ca. 1953 with an extra broad nib, twist filler. I love that pen, and it still works like you wouldn’t believe. Lucky girl! And I getcha about losing it – I would hate to lose mine.

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        1. Will do 😁😊 The Mont blanc is also a twist filler and it looks like new. medium nib. I’ll buy ink tomorrow for it. Is your Japanese one also to fill? I’ve been buying new nibs for my old drawing pen but they are a bit disappointing as they are scratching the paper… Wondering if I should order one of those Japanese manga drawing sets?

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          1. -N-

            Sorry not to have replied earlier, Mel. I have had eye surgery and am really behind on things, but will try to dig my pen out and write it up or send you some info. I think it is a Sailor or Namiki from the early 1970s. It’s a beauty for drawing. I only use water soluble ink in any fountain pen, but there are some good blacks and greys out there.


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