Inktober Roundup

After I felt like I was doing so well with my posting habits throughout October I fell into somewhat of a slump the last week. I have been focusing on drawing and several online are courses that I am taking at the moment instead.

I finished all of the Inktober prompts, however, I am not really happy how the last 3 turned out as I rushed them, so I haven’t posted them yet.

Here are all the other ones that I am quite happy with. I ended up with 33 drawings even with the last 3 missing as I did more than one drawing on some of the days.

Do you have a favourite?

3 thoughts on “Inktober Roundup

  1. My favorite is all of them lol!! You draw so beautifully I always love looking at your artwork drawings that you make…..also know that it’s okay that you fell off a little! Life can get crazy at times, it’ll have you get so caught up on other projects and all the other important stuff that needs taking care of to where you unintentionally forget about other things, but hey you did 33 DRAWINGS last month, I’d say that’s pretty damn great if you ask me so don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re doing great ^_^ Hope all is well


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