Morning Coffee

I need at least one. Either black (like my soul) or with loads of milk, Latte like. Everyone has their preferences. How do you like yours?

2112 Cat and morning coffee_Melanie Franz

9 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. I can only drink black coffee if it’s cold, I’ve tried it hot before and it’s just taste weird to me! As for how I usually like my coffee, I like my coffee light and sweet if I’m buying it, if I’m making it though it’s about the same, but a little bit between medium and light with 2-3 sugars brown preferred, but if I have to use regular sugar I will!! Other than that I love the picture, very clever putting the fishes in the mug of coffee as the cat stares at it lol, you always do amazing with your art! ^_^

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      1. You’re very welcome, no worries! Well I give you Kudo’s for being able to drink black coffee hot, for me it’s just not it I would need milk and sugar XD I never had a latte before so I’m not sure what that’s like, i’m guessing coffee, but different yeah!? Lool I wouldn’t say that, I mean if you find it brings you joy and happiness, there’s nothing wrong with going a bit extreme 😛 If we’re talking drinks that’s different XD but if we’re talking about your art or something else then I feel as long as you love something and you feel good with it inside, then it’s okay, if you feel going too much for the extreme is needed then hey go for it 😀

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