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I took an illustrator course in February which pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to do my first digital drawing. I also learned how to do design sheets and pattern designs. I also became a lot better with my time management and to-do lists… somewhat 🙂

If anyone is looking for a great course, I can highly recommend this one at

Happy Monday!

Inktober – Day 27 – Interlude

Trying a different kind of spread layout…

Welcome to day 27 of my Inktober story. Missed the beginning? Here is where it starts.

Following the fairy to the end of the dark street, she stops in front of a gully cover. Waving her wand she removes the lid and starts going down.

Grog was anything but delighted about their underground journey, while Sasha felt quite at home in the cave like environment.
“Where does the tunnel lead to?” she asks.
“Have some patience, will you?” the fairy says. “None paying clients are always the worst” she mumbles to herself.

Inktober – Day 12 – Forget

Welcome to day 12 of my Inktober story. Missed the beginning? Here is where it starts.

On their chaotic escape from the eagle, Grog and Sasha forget to pay attention what direction they are heading.

Suddenly they find themselves in an area that is not familiar to either of them.

Sasha tries to fly higher up, but all the rooftops look the same to her.

Inktober – Day 11 – Eagle

Welcome to day 11 of my Inktober story. Missed the beginning? Here is where it starts.

Grog quickly jumped out of reach of the crab´s claws.

Still being puzzled by the content of the nest, Grog and Sasha did not pay any attention to their surroundings.

Suddenly they heard a screech behind them. Is this the owner of the nest returning? Either way, they did not want to find out and made a run for it!

Inktober – Day 8 – Match

…still attempting a very slow catch up on my Inktober drawings…

Welcome to day 8 of my Inktober story. Missed the beginning? Here is where it starts.

Together they start exploring the streets of the city.

Walking past a window, Grog sees his reflection. For a moment it looks like his wings are a perfect match again.

Inktober 2022 Day 8 _ Match_Melanie Franz

Inktober – Day 6 – Bouquet

Welcome to day 6 of my Inktober story. Missed the beginning? Here is where it starts.

Grog and Sasha, who has nothing better to do, decide to keep looking together.

Meanwhile the flames surround a dry bouquet. Their dancing startles a group of moths that had been sleeping in it. While the moths take flight, Grog looks at them and their flapping wings with envy.

Have a Good Trip!

Part 3 of this spontaneous watercolour illustration story. Here are part 1 and 2.

Not sure where this ostrich is going, but lets say he was depressed because he really wanted to fly and realized that he couldn’t. So when the girl came along and saw him she had an idea, helping him and his wish to fly….

Ostrich fly bunny girl_Melanie Franz

Art vs Artist III

Once I got into doing these image collections, I couldn’t stop. So here is another retrospect of drawings of last year. I had pretty much forgotten about the honey badger series I did!

They are also still available in my Society 6 shop in case you are looking or an original present.

And the fox drawings are part of my Mr Fox Colouring Book.

Art vs Artist 2021_Melanie Franz

Inktober Day 5 – Raven #2

Tried something completely different as well for the raven prompt. Although I don’t feel like drawing this character is really me. I really prefer drawing animals and I feel like I haven’t found my style yet when it comes to drawing people appropriate for children’s books. I will keep on practicing though.

I am still on track with my Inktober drawings, I just haven’t managed to take photos and upload them yet. They will follow shortly.

Who else is doing Inktober here?

Adventures of the Little Fly IV

Continuation of introducing the Adventures of the Little Fly.

Something was different in the garden of the little fly. The flowers seemed to let their heads hang and also the bees flew slower than usual.

Fly garden autumn bees_Melanie Franz

Adventures of the Little Fly

I thought it is about time to introduce the second children’s book that I have been illustrating. It is now available on Amazon.

Unfortunately the story is only available in Icelandic, and I don’t think there are that many Icelandic readers here. But maybe there are aspiring Icelandic learners. It is certainly suitable for them as it is intended for children 6 years and older.

The first book I ever illustrated was the story of Nobbi and his pug Kobbi, written by my friend Norbert, which you can find here.

The Adventures of the Little Fly is written also by an Icelandic author, Rúna Vala, and tells the story of a little fly who lives in a tree in a garden. Puzzled by the changing seasons and the change the garden goes through the little fly sets our on unexpected adventures.

The fly has no name as it is just a fly, not a very small one, but not a very big one either. Just about average.

Little Fly_Melanie Franz