Fly Away With Me

Mr Fox and Mr Mouse are going on a journey. They have no idea where the winds might take them…

20_01-fly-away-with-me_Melanie Franz

8 thoughts on “Fly Away With Me

    1. Hola! I am back! 😀 The last months just flew by. Went on holiday in early March to Greece. It turned into a fabulous 2 months stay in Athens, followed by another 2 months in Germany and Switzerland due to multiple flight cancellation and the lack of any flights to Iceland.. I am not sure I am excited to be back here. Already missing summer and good food. But at least I got all my drawing equipment back!
      I hope you got through these interesting times ok too 🙂

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      1. Hallo! Welcome back. I was wondering where you were. Looks like you spent those dire months in nice places… I (also) wonder whether Iceland is your final destination. You seem to thrive in other places…
        We’re ok here. Though we are at the peak right now… Not very good. And I had to cancel our trip to Paris… 😩 we were supposed to fly on the 4th 😩😩 but, no dice, no flights and not safe… Some other time.
        Good to hear from you. Tschüss.


        1. Thank you! Yes, you are right. I am wondering the same regarding Iceland. We are considering to move to warmer waters in the fall. But not sure where to quite yet. It stays exciting. 😀 Until then I will make use of the cold waterfalls here and swim in them 😛
          Things will calm down at some point again. Until then take care! A bientot 🙂

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          1. Swim in the waterfalls? OMG? I was raised in the tropics. Don’t think I could do that, but I can understand the attraction of Iceland. Daughter #2 went a few years ago, she loved it.
            You too take care.

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          2. Ha 😂 yes. When a friend who is obsessed with swimming in waterfalls asked me to join, my first reaction was Hell NO! But then I thought I should be adventurous and it was amazing. The water was a pleasant 15 degrees Celsius at least, I am sure 😂 But in general I would prefer the tropics too!

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